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Roll the dice! by SanityisfortheSane Roll the dice! by SanityisfortheSane
Die was my fisrts irken oc who later became one of the main characters in my now dead fanfic, since I've gotten bored with writing it and no longer have the time. I've just decided to update her a little, since I never draw her. Her name, Die, refers to dice not death, because she is unpredictable and a risk taker. Die's motto is to take chances.

But seriously, she was my FIRST invader zim oc! Shes like 3 years old now, maybe 4. I made her during my junior year of highschool I think.

Name: Die

Race: Irken

Age: 19

Affiliation: Resistance (anti-empire)

Defect: albinism

Personality: hot-headed, leader, takes charge of a situation, risk taker, generally fearless

Skills: stealing, making explosives and using them in unique ways, she won't hesitate to shove one down your throat if your on her bad side.

Weaknesses: she doesnt think before she does things and likes to take chances. she also tends to bite off more than she can chew and lets her anger get to her.

Story: Die, being born a defect with albinism, lived the majority of her life in prison on planet Prisonia. While there, she was forced into manual labor like every other prisoner until termination day. In prison though she was able to meet Rec and Glitch during cafeteria time. Working together they were able to devise a plan to escape. The operation was intense, but they were running out of time with their termination dates closing in and had no time to loose. During their escape, a blind Irken girl named Zehn ends up joining them due to Die and Rec's arguing disturbing her from her cell. With their new recruit they manage to sneak out of the cell chambers and head for the control room. On the way, Die ends up killing the head of security by shutting down his PAK. Once they finally manged to reach the control room, explosives that Die rigged throughout the prison begin to go off, earning the guards attention. She also then throws explosives at the technicians working in the control room, injuring them severley. She was able to make all these explosives from pieces she stole from various places throughout the prison including the weapons manufacture she was forced to work in. After Glitch hacks and shuts down all of the Prison power the four of them make their way for the exit. Unexpectantly though, they are met with two fierce top assasins from the empire who where their on a regualr visit, Miz and Tsar. Barely managing to get away from them, Die blows up half of Miz's face earning a new and extremely dangerous enemy. On the run from being tailed by them, Die Glitch, Rec, and Zehn steal a prison cruiser and are followed to planet Tundrak by a furious and determined Miz and Tsar. There, after befriending the Tundraken people, Miz and Tsar track them there and battle ensues. Tsar manages to seperate their group by opening fire on the crowd and follows Glitch and Zehn leaving Die and Rec to face Miz who wants to kill Die for mutilating her right eye. Die, having no weapons on her at the time, grabs a nearby bulky tundraken sword to take on Miz with her lithe assasin katana-like sword. Their fight however ends in a draw, leaving Die to bleed to death. Tsar, after having his PAK damaged by Glitch in their fight grabs an unconcious Miz, and flees to the nearest Irken military base. Die, nearly dead, is rescued by Glitch, Rec, and Zehn and given immediate medical attention from what they could find on the ship in a first aid kit.
They left Tundrak only to drift through space without a plan, while Die healed. During this time they are attacked by the Resisty, being mistaken for Irken prison guards since they are traveling in an Irken prison cruiser. They are able to convince Lard Nar that they are on their side though and are brought back to the Resisty's base. Now her, Glitch, Rec, and Zehn call themselves 'The Nightmare', an organization in the resistance specifically targeting to free other irken defects like themselves and end the war.

Relation to my other Ocs:

Glitch: Very reliable friend from prison, counts on him to help her out when she gets herslef into situations, may see him as more than a friend but won't admit it. Likes to call him Brainiac cause he's smart (and because he tends to blush when you call hime that).

Rec: Good friend of hers from prison, although they tend to argue a lot, finds him to be reckless and rather stupid at times while he sees her as berserk.

Zehn: Die wasn' fond of the idea of bringing her along at first, but Zehn has grown on her. Still thinks that they should find somewhere safe for Zehn out of harms way since she is young, blind, and innocent to the horrors of war.

Miz: Die's worst enemy and currently being hunted down by her in revenge for mutilating her face.

Tsar: Another of Die's enemies and Miz's partner, wants to kill Die and her friends for humiluating them and hurting his partner.

Lahn/Styy: none, may meet later

Kizer: none, may meet later

:iconyawnplz: now I'm tired... good night
[EDIT: Added her story since I was tired when I posted this]
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